Introducing The Data Ride Alongs

This month: Join a Stanford oncologist and Nvidia RAPIDS developer as they visually map cancer patient genome mutations

Welcome to The Data Ride Alongs! Our live expert sessions and data artifacts will give you a uniquely upfront view into the data world.

From GPU-accelerated computing to high-dimensional algorithms, and from precision medicine to information warfare, the data science community moves fast. As data practitioners, we felt something has been missing when trying to keep up with what’s really happening in data projects. Blogposts and podcasts just don’t get inside the head of top data analysts and tool makers as they go about tackling a real project using real state-of-the-art tools techniques. So, our big idea is a way to do just that!

Every month, we’re pairing top data tool builders and analysts to hack together on a real data project the analyst is facing. Join during the live coding sessions when you can, and after, catch up on the recorded videos and interactive data science notebooks:

  • During: Twitch live coding: First, you will get to join in during a live coding session. We’re doing these mid-project for just when the analysis is getting interesting. It will be a Twitch stream. That means you can watch, listen, ask questions live, and maybe even help us spot a bug!

  • After: Video & notebook. We’ll post the videos after so you can skip through it. Critically, we’re also sharing the session as a Jupyter notebook that you can read, run, twiddle, and fork it for yourself.

  • Stay up-to-date: Every month, we’ll email the next session and the latest batch of materials from the past session. We’ll also be active on Twitter for in-between activities.

We’re off to a great start:

  • Next, we’ll be pairing with a Stanford medicine fellow and Nvidia RAPIDS core contributor to visually analyze lung cancer patient genome and protein mutations using GPU-accelerated graph and manifold projections. Stay tuned for more info.

  • Last month (recording; notebook & dockerfile github), we did a super fun trial run of turning the hacker tool Amass, which maps out where you might attack a website, into a defenders tool, by combining it with the graph database Neo4j for web asset visibility.


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